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Revere Spring Carnival
March 21 through April 14, 2019
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April 4 - 14, 2019
Lawrence, MA
Employment at Fiesta Shows

Fiesta Shows is now hiring for the 2019 season and beyond. We are seeking qualified individuals who are hard workers and are self motivated. All applicants must pass a drug and background test prior to employment and are subject to random tests throughout the season. To apply, please complete the form below or call 603.474.5424 .

Travelling Carnival Workers. 48 Temporary full time jobs 4/1/19-11/4/19

Serve food; erect, take down, attend & maintain equipment; operate games; collect tickets/fees; make change; assist patrons; heavy lifting & physically mobile. Hours, schedule and days vary. Work outside in all weather conditions. No education or experience required. On-the-job training provided. Travel to all locations required and provided by employer at no cost to worker.

Work schedule & hours vary widely. Typically 35-45 H/W Wed-Sun, 4pm – 11pm. Work needs (i.e., hours, days, schedule, location, and work positions) vary. Work needs subject to industry practice and are not guaranteed per day, per week, per schedule, per location, or per worker, e.g., rainouts, brief periods without scheduled events, event dates and hours set by agreement with sponsor and subject to change (based upon adverse weather, hours of operation, day of the week, attendance, size of the event, school schedules, amount of equipment in operation, staffing, etc.), and unforeseen cancellations. In the event of approved, overlapping events, work needs may cause workers to be adjusted.

Must pass post-hire background & drug test paid by employer. The job requires the applicant to be qualified, ready, willing, able, and available to perform during the entire employment at the designated worksite under adverse weather; to enter into and comply with employment contract; to follow workplace rules; and to meet job performance standards. Must cooperate with and complete job application and interview, and any supplied information must be truthful and complete. Must comply with grooming requirements and dress code. Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Subject to discharge for cause.
Pay, varies, $9.82-13.34/hr. O/T or extra hours as required by applicable law, varies, $14.73-20.01.

Season starts in Rockingham County NH. Then extensive travel to all events required and provided through CT, MA, ME & NH. Must commute from home at prior worksite to next worksite. Optional transportation provided at no cost to worker.

The employer will pay the cost of optional lodging to the extent such costs would reduce pay below the offered wage rate for the area of intended employment. Optional local convenience travel ($20/week) is available for wage credit or deduction.

Wages calculated by single workweek, paid bi-weekly. Employer will make all deductions from the worker's paycheck as required by law. Wage prepayment and merit/sick/supplemental pay at employer's discretion. H-2B workers reimbursed in the 1st paycheck in 1st workweek for all visa, visa processing, border crossing, and other related fees, but not for passport expenses or other charges primarily for the benefit of the worker. If not prohibited by valid and controlling law, transportation to 1st worksite and return transportation paid and arranged by employer (and necessary, most economical and reasonable meals and lodging reimbursed during 1st workweek if worker presents documentation) for wage credit. If required by valid and controlling law, necessary, reasonable, the most economical alternative, and authorized, then transportation, meals, and lodging to 1st worksite paid and arranged by employer, and return transportation provided if the worker completes the employment or is dismissed early. Daily subsistence will be provided at a rate of $12.26 per day during travel to a maximum of $51 per day with receipts.

This job order, including its wage and working terms and conditions, is contingent upon prevailing U.S. immigration law, including Department of Labor and Department of Homeland Security regulations. If any such prevailing law is rescinded, superseded, vacated, or substantially modified, then the parties will re-negotiate in good faith any affected term.

To apply fax resume to 603-474-5495 or call 603-474-5424 or mail to EJ Amusements of NH Inc, PO Box 460, Seabrook NH 03874. Or inquire about the job opportunity or send applications, indications of availability, and/or resumes directly to the nearest office of the New Hampshire State Workforce Agency, 603-228-4083. Job Order 195558

This job order is placed in connection with a future application for H-2B workers.

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