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Fiesta Shows owns and operates over 100 amusement rides and attractions suitable for patrons of all ages and thrill levels. From the traditional Merry-Go-Round, Ferris Wheel, and Bumper Cars to the newest and ultimate thrill seeker rides, there is something for everyone. For the little ones, our Children’s Midway sparkles with imaginary creatures that fly, glide, glitter and glow, creating wonderful childhood memories.

Fiesta Shows prides itself in having an unparalleled collection of the most spectacular rides ever erected on any midway in New England. Holding the title as “New England’s Leading Producer of Midways” is an on-going commitment. In the past 5 years Fiesta Shows has invested over 4 million dollars into adding new rides to our arsenal including the brand new Fire Ball, Seven Seas, Freakout, the Expo Gondola Wheel and the Big Splash Flume Ride. Additionally, Fiesta Shows  invests substantially into the continued maintenance and improvements of our existing  Midway fleet.

In 2014, we added two spectacular attractions to our Midway.  The Fire Ball is a high speed looping thrill ride that takes riders upside down 60ft above the midway in a open air car.  We also added the Seven Seas, a free falling attraction that twirls riders in a horizontal motion.

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