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Castle of Evil
The Castle of Evil is a ride through a haunted attraction.? Inside the castle, riders will experience ghosts, goblins, and other oddities!
Cliff Hanger
The Cliff Hanger gives riders the sensation of flying as riders lie on their stomach. As the ride begins to spin, it rises at a 45 degree angle.
Ferris Wheel
The Ferris Wheel is a traditional ferris wheel. Each seat seats two to three adults with comfort.
The Hyperspin lives up to its name as it spins riders in a number of different directions at a hyper speed!
Pharaoh's Fury
The Pharaoh's Fury is a family ride with an Egyptian ship theme. The ship swings back and forth via a pendulum. The pendulum is supported by four large towers that give the ride a sturdy base. Once at full speed, the ride gives the patrons a feeling of weightlessness.
A tradition on any midway, the Scooter, or Bumper Cars as it is commonly referred to is a popular ride among all ages. Riders are able to crash and bump into other drivers with no hesitation!
Starship Exodus
Riders experience the feeling of weightlessness as they are pressed against the wall with the use of centrifugal force. As the space ship picks up speed, riders slowly lift off the ground before being safely returned to their feet as the space ship returns to Earth.
The Surfer is a unique ride in which the platform of the ride rotates and as the ride picks up speed, the platform is raised and lowered at rapid rates.? As an added thrill, riders are able to spin their ride vehicles.
The Swinger is a traditional swing ride that swings riders in a large 50 foot wide circle with their feet dangling below.
The twister lives up to its name as it spins riders in a number of different directions!
The Viper spins riders in all directions.  As the seat spindles rotate, the free swinging chairs swing outward.
Zero Gravity
Once?the Zero Gravity?has reached maximum speed, the center of the ride lifts up producing the sensation of weigtlessness as the riders at held against the wall.
The Zipper is a thrill ride that flips riders upsidedown in multiple directions.? As the free flipping cars?rotate around the boom, the boom rotates.? Each of the 12 cages seats 2 to 3 adults.
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