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What kind of insurance does Fiesta Shows carry?

Fiesta Shows carries a General Liability Policy which will name the sponsoring organization and landowner as additional insureds. For specifics regarding Fiesta Shows' insurance coverage, please contact us at 603-474-5424.

What do I (sponsor) need to do?

The responsibilities of a sponsor are to assist Fiesta Shows in identifying an appropriate location for the carnival, obtaining permission for the use of the site, and helping us in obtaining local permits.

When do I need to contact Fiesta Shows about booking an event?

As soon as possible. We are always booking new events. Generally, today's efforts are for next year's schedule. Sometimes, however, there is a slot open in the current year's schedule.

Where do the employees stay during the event?

Some of our staff live on-site in mobile housing. However, many commute to work each day.

Who arranges with the local authorities for ample coverage?

Fiesta Shows will make all the appropriate contacts with the local Police, Fire, Health, and Building Departments.

What permits are needed for the amusement rides?

Each ride is state licensed and inspected by an independent inspector. We will apply for all additional permits well in advance of the event.

What is done during the event to ensure the rides are safe?

Fiesta Shows has a full-time Ride Supervisor on each unit. The Ride Supervisor and his staff individually inspect each ride every day prior to opening. This ensures that nothing might have happened during non-operating hours. The Ride Supervisor is specially-trained and responsible for the day-to-day operation and safety of each ride.

Additionally, Fiesta Shows employs a Safety Engineer, Wally Wagemaker. Wally has over 40 years of safety experience and is responsible for Fiesta Shows' Safety Program.

What arrangements are made for portable toilets and dumpsters?

Fiesta Shows arranges for portable toilets and dumpsters to be delivered on set-up day and removed by 12:00 noon the day after closing. Fiesta Shows takes great pride in presenting a clean environment for all of its patrons. Accordingly, Fiesta Shows coordinates a nightly cleaning of the midway and also organizes a final clean up at the end of the event when all of the equipment has been moved off-site.

What kind of security is there when the event is closed?

Fiesta Shows has many staff members that live on-site in mobile housing. Additionally, designated staff members are responsible for patrolling the midway during the night when the carnival is closed.

Who puts together the advertising for the event?

The advertising and marketing for an event is a joint effort between Fiesta Shows and the sponsor. Fiesta Shows coordinates with its advertising agency to place a mix of print, radio, and television advertising. Additionally, we may print posters, coupons, and other signage announcing the event.

 The sponsor can assist and coordinate with Fiesta Shows' efforts by:

  • Obtaining approval from local zoning authorities to hang banners announcing the event. When approval is obtained, the sponsor can then contact area beverage distributors (Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola, etc) for a banner. Often times, distributors will print event banners free-of-charge for events like this.
  • Forwarding event information to the local cable television carrier.
  • Releasing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to radio stations, and press releases to local newspapers announcing the event.

 Fiesta Shows' marketing staff will assist you with these matters, upon request.

How many rides does Fiesta Shows own?

Fiesta Shows owns approximately 80 various amusement rides. Rides range from kiddie rides to family rides to thrill rides.  Please check our rides page for photos of many of our rides.

What is required at each site prior for the carnival to setup?

Fiesta Shows' only requirement is a spot to connect to water. We carry our own generators for power and are otherwise completely self-contained.

What does it cost to bring Fiesta Shows to town?

Commitment. If you, as a sponsor, work with Fiesta Shows and your local community to produce an event, the costs of moving and operating the event are generally covered by Fiesta Shows. The fundraising benefits to your organization can be great as you can easily realize substantial proceeds from a successful event.

Does the sponsoring organization need to supply any employees during the run of the event?

No need! Fiesta Shows is entirely self-sufficient. No labor is required for the setup, operation, or dismantling of the amusement rides for the event. If you would like to provide volunteers to help run the event, we can sometimes use them as additional ticket sellers.
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