Kiddie Rides

Berry Go Round
The Berry-Go-Round is a great family attraction that the whole family can enjoy. Riders are able to control the spin of their giant oversized strawberry making for a custom ride experience.
Boomers Circus
Boomers Circus is a kid size fun house featuring a rope ladder, slide and much more.
Boomers Fire Engine
The Boomers Fire Engine is a fire house themed kids play area.
Dalmation Bounce
Who doesnt love to jump?
Dizzy Dragons
The Dizzy Dragons is a family-friendly kiddie ride in which the whole family can ride together in one of four dragons!? Riders are able to control the spin of their vehicle to make their ride as enjoyable as possible!
Dragon Wagon
One of the most popular rides in Kiddieland, the Dragon Wagon, is a kid-size roller coaster in which kids ride on one of the most friendly dragons in existence!
Hot Shot
This is the perfect thrill ride for the kids. The tower raises and then drops several times during the course of the ride.
Jungle Safari
The Convoy is a kiddie sized truck ride that takes riders along a oval shaped track.? Junior truckers will love being able to choose their favorite truck and go on a safari!
Kid Combo
Kiddie Scrambler
Mini Elephant
The Elephants raise and lower riders as it rotates.?
Mini Enterprise
Mini Panda
The Mini Panda raises and lowers riders as it rotates.
Mini Turtle
The mini turtle rotates in a circle at a kid-friendly speed as the turtles slowly go up and down.
Rio Grande Train
A favorite among young children is the Rio Grande Train.
Street Racer
Rev your engines - ready set go! ?Kids love our kiddie race car ride.?
Swamp Gator
The Swamp Gator?is arguably one of the most popular kiddie rides on?our midway. Kids love our friendly?aligator themed roller coaster which features dips and hills that are just the right size for the little ones!
A favorite among young children is the Tooterville train ride.
Kids love riding on their own kid size tractor as well as being able to choose from their choice of brightly decorated tractors to ride on.
Umbrella Buggy
The Umbrella Buggy is a tame ride for children. It features a combination of brightly colored dune buggies that move around a circular track.

Family Rides

Kids and young adults jump as high as they want secured by large bungees.
A icon on our midway is our 3-abreast carousel. Decked out with elegant scenery, the carousel features a variety of horses and two stationary chariots for those who wish not to climb aboard a horse.
Crazy Bus
The Crazy Bus is a fun ride in which the large bus goes up and down in a circular motion. Moms and dads can ride too!
The Earthquake is a over-the-top fun house filled with all sorts of tricks and gags!
Lucky Lizzy
The Lucky Lizzy is a two story fun house complete with moving walkways, trick mirrors, and all sorts of other surprises along the way!  One trip through is never enough!
Magic Maze
The Magic Maze is part glass house and part fun house!  After guests find their way through the mirror maze on the first level, guests find a hidden staircase which takes them upstairs where they experience trick mirrors before sliding down the spiral slide!
Mardi Gras
Step into our house of the, Mardi Gras.? The Mardi Gras is a two story fun house complete?with moving walkways, trick mirrors, and a moving staircase.?
Mt. Rushmore Rockwall
Kids and adults can challenge themselves to climbing to the top of the wall. Climbers are secured with self belaying harnesses.
Orient Express
The Orient Express is a kiddie roller coaster that is capable of seating adults too, so mom and dad can ride along comfortably!? The Orient Express has two kid friendly hills and two turns!
Rock'n Tug
The Rockin Tug is a unique kiddie ride with a tug boat theme. As the boat begins to rock back and forth, the boat begins to rotate; giving riders the sensation of riding the waves on a boat in the ocean!
Spinning Coaster
One of Fiesta Shows' newest rides - the Spinning Coaster! ?The Spinning Coaster is a family roller coaster with free spinning ride vehicles that rotate as they go around the figure eight shaped track.
Super Slide
The Super Slide is another favorite among children and adults on the midway.? Guests ride down this 90 foot long fiberglass slide on felt sleds.
Since its inception in 1929, the Tilt-A-Whirl remains one of America?s favorite amusement rides.? Customers ranging from young children to seniors have been known to enjoy riding this timeless classic.
The Tornado has proven itself as a popular family attraction. Each of the tubs seat up to four riders that can be individually controlled by the riders, making each ride as thrilling as can be or slow and easy!
Toy Barn
The Toy Barn is a toy themed fun house complete with all sorts of surprises!
Vortex (House of Illusion)
The Votex - House of Illusion is a must do for people of all ages!  Experience the rotating vortex tunnel as you walk from one end to the next.
Wizards Wand
The Wizard's Wand is a large scale, adventure obstacle course. Riders encounter punching bags, a cargo net, a inflatable slide, two suspension bridges, and a large see-through slide as they make their way through the attraction!

Major Rides

Castle of Evil
The Castle of Evil is a ride through a haunted attraction.? Inside the castle, riders will experience ghosts, goblins, and other oddities!
Cliff Hanger
The Cliff Hanger gives riders the sensation of flying as riders lie on their stomach. As the ride begins to spin, it rises at a 45 degree angle.
Ferris Wheel
The Ferris Wheel is a traditional ferris wheel. Each seat seats two to three adults with comfort.
The Hyperspin lives up to its name as it spins riders in a number of different directions at a hyper speed!
Pharaoh's Fury
The Pharaoh's Fury is a family ride with an Egyptian ship theme. The ship swings back and forth via a pendulum. The pendulum is supported by four large towers that give the ride a sturdy base. Once at full speed, the ride gives the patrons a feeling of weightlessness.
A tradition on any midway, the Scooter, or Bumper Cars as it is commonly referred to is a popular ride among all ages. Riders are able to crash and bump into other drivers with no hesitation!
Starship Exodus
Riders experience the feeling of weightlessness as they are pressed against the wall with the use of centrifugal force. As the space ship picks up speed, riders slowly lift off the ground before being safely returned to their feet as the space ship returns to Earth.
The Surfer is a unique ride in which the platform of the ride rotates and as the ride picks up speed, the platform is raised and lowered at rapid rates.? As an added thrill, riders are able to spin their ride vehicles.
The Swinger is a traditional swing ride that swings riders in a large 50 foot wide circle with their feet dangling below.
The twister lives up to its name as it spins riders in a number of different directions!
The Viper spins riders in all directions.  As the seat spindles rotate, the free swinging chairs swing outward.
Zero Gravity
Once?the Zero Gravity?has reached maximum speed, the center of the ride lifts up producing the sensation of weigtlessness as the riders at held against the wall.
The Zipper is a thrill ride that flips riders upsidedown in multiple directions.? As the free flipping cars?rotate around the boom, the boom rotates.? Each of the 12 cages seats 2 to 3 adults.

Spectacular Rides

Arctic Blast
The Arctic Blast is a full speed, open top himalaya attraction. Riders ride up and down the hills and valleys of the himalaya at full speed.
Expo Wheel
The Expo Wheel is a spectacular gondola wheel that stands at over 60ft above the midway. At night, the Expo Wheel dazzles fair-goers with its spectacular LED light show.
Fire Ball
The Fire Ball takes riders upside-down, 60' above the ground on this 360 degree looping roller coaster. Riders are securely fastened in using over-the-shoulder restraints and a industrial locking seat-belt.
Flying Bobs
The Flying Bobs is a high speed music ride where riders sit in free swinging cars.  As the ride picks up speed, the cars swing from side to side.
Freak Out
The Freak Out is a high tech thrill ride imported from the Netherlands.? Riders sit in suspended seats, secured by over-the-shoulder harnesses.? As the claw of the ride rotates, it swings back and forth making for a unique thrill.
Haunted House
Guests walk through a frightening good time in the haunted house.
Polar Express
The Polar Express is a high speed music ride where riders sit in free swinging cars.? As the ride picks up speed, the cars swing from side to side.
Seven Seas
The Seven Seas is a spectacular platform ride that whisks riders left to right and over the top in a fast pace motion.? As riders crest the top, they experience a free fall sensation
Super Cyclone Roller Coaster
The latest thrill ride in the Fiesta Shows family, this roller coaster is super fun!
Thunder Bolt
The Thunder Bolt?is a high speed music ride where riders sit in free swinging cars.? As the ride picks up speed, the cars swing from side to side.
Top Gun
The Vertigo is a 60 foot tall swing tower that swings riders out and over the midway with their feet dangling below them.? The height of the ride in combination with the wind blowing in your face will add to the thrill of the experience!

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