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Berry Go Round
The Berry-Go-Round is a great family attraction that the whole family can enjoy. Riders are able to control the spin of their giant oversized strawberry making for a custom ride experience.
Boomers Circus
Boomers Circus is a kid size fun house featuring a rope ladder, slide and much more.
Boomers Fire Engine
The Boomers Fire Engine is a fire house themed kids play area.
Dalmation Bounce
Who doesnt love to jump?
Dizzy Dragons
The Dizzy Dragons is a family-friendly kiddie ride in which the whole family can ride together in one of four dragons!? Riders are able to control the spin of their vehicle to make their ride as enjoyable as possible!
Dragon Wagon
One of the most popular rides in Kiddieland, the Dragon Wagon, is a kid-size roller coaster in which kids ride on one of the most friendly dragons in existence!
Hot Shot
This is the perfect thrill ride for the kids. The tower raises and then drops several times during the course of the ride.
Jungle Safari
The Convoy is a kiddie sized truck ride that takes riders along a oval shaped track.? Junior truckers will love being able to choose their favorite truck and go on a safari!
Kid Combo
Kiddie Scrambler
Mini Elephant
The Elephants raise and lower riders as it rotates.?
Mini Enterprise
Mini Panda
The Mini Panda raises and lowers riders as it rotates.
Mini Turtle
The mini turtle rotates in a circle at a kid-friendly speed as the turtles slowly go up and down.
Rio Grande Train
A favorite among young children is the Rio Grande Train.
Street Racer
Rev your engines - ready set go! ?Kids love our kiddie race car ride.?
Swamp Gator
The Swamp Gator?is arguably one of the most popular kiddie rides on?our midway. Kids love our friendly?aligator themed roller coaster which features dips and hills that are just the right size for the little ones!
A favorite among young children is the Tooterville train ride.
Kids love riding on their own kid size tractor as well as being able to choose from their choice of brightly decorated tractors to ride on.
Umbrella Buggy
The Umbrella Buggy is a tame ride for children. It features a combination of brightly colored dune buggies that move around a circular track.
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